Friday, February 4, 2011

Paisley in Print

Trench Coat: $19.99  Purchased from Value Village
Label: Iuro
I was instantly attracted to this trench coat when I saw it at Value Village. I liked the vibrancy of the turquoise-blue color, and the jacket really stood out amongst the sea of blacks and greys in the Coat aisle. Then I noticed that it had a satin, Paisley print lining on the inside, which made it really fabulous when I rolled up the sleeves! I like the high collar of the neck, and it was a nice fit overall. I will definitely be wearing this jacket more often when spring arrives!

Top: $23.80  Purchased from Forever 21
I have owned this forest green halter for many years, but have worn it only a few times. Don't get me wrong, I really like this shirt! But I simply never had the right occasion to wear it...until now.  :)

Watch: $9.99  Purchased from Value Village
Label: Seiko
This is another vintage watch that I found at Value Village, and lucky for me, it works! Regardless of this fact however, I was informed by a Value Village employee the other day that they accept returns for watches that don't work, so now I don't have to be as concerned about purchasing them! I love this piece because it reminds me of the watches my grandma used to wear. I didn't really appreciate the dainty style of these timepieces before, but it has really grown on me throughout the past couple of years. Plus, it makes me think of my grandma every time I put one on.

Necklace: $7.80  Purchased from Forever 21
Although I am not a fan of birds, I am a fan of feather accessories. This necklace caught my eye because of the pink-purple coloured ombre of the feather. It also has some faux diamonds and opals on the chain, making it a fun and playful accessory.
Tights: $14.99  Purchased from Urban Outfitters

Shoes: $39.99  Purchased from Banana Republic
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Frugal Finds Total: $116.56