Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Fling

Dress: $5.99  Purchased from Value Village
Label: Mercury
I recently went to a bridal shower and the theme was, "Garden Tea Party". The dress code required flower dresses and hats. Luckily for me, I was able to recycle the fascinator I made for my sister's bridal shower last year. Didn't think I'd ever get to wear that again!

Purse: $2.99  Purchased from Value Village
Label: Calrelli
As seen in Post: I Heart Pink
Purchased from Love Culture
There are 4 reasons why I bought these shoes. First off, they were cheap! Secondly, it came in my favorite colour, Coral. Thirdly, I needed a new pair of wedges (I have come to the realization that my Aldo wedges dating back to 2006, are longer cool). And last but not least, they are so COMFORTABLE!!!

Nail Polish: $9.99 
Label: Essie
Colour: Muy Caliente

Belt: $1.99  Purchased from Value Village
As seen in Post: I Heart Pink

Frugal Finds Total: $48.86

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hands Down Hippie

Cardigan: $29.50  Purchased from Forever 21
The main reason I bought this crocheted cardigan was because I was inspired by all those cute Japanese girls who wear sweaters such as these in their fashion magazines! You can layer it over girly floral dresses, or simply wear it over a tank top and denim cutoffs. This cardigan is completely versatile, and the 'fall-off-the shoulder' look is fun as well.

Headpiece: $4.99  Purchased from Claire's Accessories
I am usually weary about wearing headpieces such as these, simply because they are a bit fussy and tends to shift with every movement of your head. But the look is perfect for summer, and I like the combination of the turquoise beading with the peacock feathers.

Boots: $6.99  Purchased from Value Village
Label: Leather Uppers
One of my scores from Value Village on their 50% off days. When I first tried these boots on, they were a little snug. But I really liked the cognac colour of them, as well as the built-in socks look (I've washed them thoroughly by the way!). While I was debating whether or not to purchase them in the lineup, I overheard 2 girls behind me discussing if they should pay me for them! That was all the affirmation I needed to keep them for myself! Though I COULD have made a few bucks instead of spending it.....

Tank Top: $22  Purchased from American Apparel
I have this tank top in 4 other colours (as seen in Post: 'Lovin' the Levis'). But when I like something, especially staple items like tank tops, I usually end up buying several at a time :p

Purse: $19.99  Purchased from Value Village
Yes, I know that $20 is pretty hefty for a bag from Value Village, but I really like it! I've always wanted a genuine Mexican leather handbag and this one seems pretty authentic. Am I sure? No. But who would duplicate a knock off version of this? Come to think of it, the price of the purse would've probably been cheaper if I had actually purchased it in Mexico. Oh well, perhaps on my next getaway :)

Shorts: $21.90
Purchased from Forever 21
Faded denim shorts. Love it!

Frugal Finds Total: $105.37

Monday, January 2, 2012

Crazy for Cowichans

Cowichan Sweater: $7.99  Purchased from Value Village
Possibly THE warmest jacket from my closet, I love this Cowichan sweater! About six years ago, I began my hunt for a Cowichan. I knew that I could have purchased one from a 'mintage' store, or somewhere on Main Street, but I didn't want to spend the $50+ they were being sold for. One day, my sister came home with a surprise she bought for me from Value Village. It was a Cowichan sweater! (not the one shown in the photo) However, the sweater was 8 sizes too big, and even after I tried hand washing it in hot water (which was no easy task), and throwing it in the dryer for endless barely shrunk. Shortly afterwards I found this sweater from Value Village myself. I love the eagles and Aztec-like patterning around it. I also like the warm and cozy material. But most of all, I liked the fact that I didn't have to wash and dry it a million times to make it fit!

Necklace: $4.80  Purchased from Forever 21
I wouldn't call myself religious, I just like the shiny bling of the cross :)

Sweater: $14.90  Purchased from Forever 21

Purse: $5.99  Purchased from Value Village
Label: Y-Leather
Feature in posts: Colour Me Badd, True Blue

Pants: $19.99  Purchased from Sirens
Label: Seductions
Surprisingly good quality and fit on these skinnies!

Watch: $9.99  Purchased from Value Village
Label: Timex
Featured in posts: Cougar Town,Up Close and Personal

Shoes: $269  Purchased from Gravity Pope
Label: John Fluevog
One of the biggest splurges I have ever made in my history of shopping! How can you resist the style and quality of Fluevogs though right? Admittedly, my boyfriend and I have the exact same shoes. He wants it to be made known that it was HE, who purchased the boots first. In my defense however, I've always loved the boots. I just didn't want to spend close to $300 on them! I finally caved in when Gravity Pope was having their 20% off summer sale. So at least it was like not having to pay taxes...if that is any consolation at all.

Scarf: Free
A Christmas gift from my work mommy.

Frugal Finds Total: $63.66

Broke the Bank Find: $269 John Fluevog boots