Monday, January 2, 2012

Crazy for Cowichans

Cowichan Sweater: $7.99  Purchased from Value Village
Possibly THE warmest jacket from my closet, I love this Cowichan sweater! About six years ago, I began my hunt for a Cowichan. I knew that I could have purchased one from a 'mintage' store, or somewhere on Main Street, but I didn't want to spend the $50+ they were being sold for. One day, my sister came home with a surprise she bought for me from Value Village. It was a Cowichan sweater! (not the one shown in the photo) However, the sweater was 8 sizes too big, and even after I tried hand washing it in hot water (which was no easy task), and throwing it in the dryer for endless barely shrunk. Shortly afterwards I found this sweater from Value Village myself. I love the eagles and Aztec-like patterning around it. I also like the warm and cozy material. But most of all, I liked the fact that I didn't have to wash and dry it a million times to make it fit!

Necklace: $4.80  Purchased from Forever 21
I wouldn't call myself religious, I just like the shiny bling of the cross :)

Sweater: $14.90  Purchased from Forever 21

Purse: $5.99  Purchased from Value Village
Label: Y-Leather
Feature in posts: Colour Me Badd, True Blue

Pants: $19.99  Purchased from Sirens
Label: Seductions
Surprisingly good quality and fit on these skinnies!

Watch: $9.99  Purchased from Value Village
Label: Timex
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Shoes: $269  Purchased from Gravity Pope
Label: John Fluevog
One of the biggest splurges I have ever made in my history of shopping! How can you resist the style and quality of Fluevogs though right? Admittedly, my boyfriend and I have the exact same shoes. He wants it to be made known that it was HE, who purchased the boots first. In my defense however, I've always loved the boots. I just didn't want to spend close to $300 on them! I finally caved in when Gravity Pope was having their 20% off summer sale. So at least it was like not having to pay taxes...if that is any consolation at all.

Scarf: Free
A Christmas gift from my work mommy.

Frugal Finds Total: $63.66

Broke the Bank Find: $269 John Fluevog boots

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  1. Cuteeeee, I want to see a pic with you and Paul both wearing your matching shoes! Paul would DIE seeing the fashion in Europe!! I love the way men dress here!