Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sale Season

The moment I've been waiting for has finally arrived! On Monday February 7th, 2011, Value Village is having their 50% off sale. All used clothing, shoes, accessories, and bed & bath items are half-price!
Personal Tips:
1) If you do plan on shopping at Value Village that day, keep in mind that the earlier you go, the better the items you can snag. I predict it will be a ZOO in there later in the day.
2) Be prepared to elbow your way through the racks because the shoppers in there can get vicious on sale days. I am one of them...jk!
3) Try to wear sandals or flats, so you can easily slip them off when trying on clothes.
4) Wearing a tank top is also a good option, so you can slip shirts and sweaters over it.
5) Have an open mind. You can always alter any pieces that may not fit to your liking!
Have fun and merry hunting! :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Plaid Fad

Toque: $5.99  Purchased from Value Village
I've been looking for a cozy, Cowichan knit hat for awhile, and I was so excited when I found this one at Value Village! The thick wool keeps my head super warm, and I love the little pom pom at the top. Don't worry, I made sure to wash this hat with super HOT water before I wore it :p

Tank top: $2.99  Purchased from Value Village

Plaid top: $50  Purchased from Aritzia
Label: TNA
I received this shirt as a secret santa gift a couple years back, and I must admit that I have gotten plenty of wears out of it. One of my male friends actually chose this top, and he swears he picked it out all by himself. I guess I can believe it though...since he loves plaid shirts. And anyway, how can you ever go wrong with shopping at Aritzia?

Jeans: $19.99  Purchased from Sirens
Label: Seductions
I was a bit iffy buying pants from Sirens, since the quality of their clothing is usually sub-par. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that these jeans have remained in excellent condition. And if you have an SPC or Sirens card, that means you can get an additional 10% off their clothing. Saving money any chance you get is always a good thing!

Boots: $9.99  Purchased from Value Village
These boots were one of my first shoe purchases from Value Village. Unfortunately, I have worn these shoes so often that they are starting to wear out. What do you think my chances are of finding another pair just like it?

Ring: $5.80  Purchased from Forever 21

Jacket: $49.80  Purchased from Urban Behavior
This faux-leather jacket is such a good deal. I love the combination of the navy blue shell with the attached grey sweater. It is super cute and comfortable, and any jacket with a hood is always a bonus in my books!

Frugal Finds Total: $94.56
I didn't include the TNA plaid top because it was a gift! :)

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Color Me Badd

Dress: $14.99  Purchased from Urban Outfitters
Label: Ecote
This dress reminds me of a paint palette with its many splashes of colours. The darker hues also help transition this dress from a summer item to a winter appropriate piece. The original price of this dress was $78, but I found it on the sale rack for $29.99 which I thought was a pretty good deal. THEN I realized that all sale items were an additional 50% off! Score! Bonus, this dress has pockets on it, which I love love love.

Scarf: $19.95  Purchased from Le Chateau
I've had this pashmina scarf for many years now and it is a wardrobe staple for me. It is both practical and versatile...which is probably why I have it in 4 other colours as well...

Purse: $5.99  Purchased from Value Village
Label: Y-Leather
My sister was the first to take notice of this purse in the accessories section of Value Village. Luckily she passed it on to me because she felt the strap was too short for her. This bag is the perfect size for carrying my cell phone, keys and wallet.

Cardigan: $19.99  Purchased from Urban Behavior
This sweater is super comfortable. Surprisingly, it also holds it shape very well after it is machine washed. And just like my pashminas, I liked this cardigan so much that I also bought it in a light pink and navy blue.  :p

Belt: Free!
With the purchase of a dress from Forever 21

Boots: $79.99  Purchased from Gia Shoes
Label: Roberto Vianni
I have been searching for over-the-knee boots since last year, but I either couldn't find a style that I liked, or the boots just didn't sit right. Either it was wayyyy too high above my knees, or I found it too bunchy around the ankles. When I saw these boots a few months ago, I really liked them, but I wasn't able to swallow the $200 price-tag. In December, I bit the bullet and told myself that I was gonna to splurge on those boots! When I went into the store, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were on sale for $160. And just like my Ecote dress, they were an additional 50% off!
P.S. These boots were the last pair in my size. I think they were meant to be...Don't you? lol

Frugal Finds Total: $140.91

Monday, January 3, 2011

Champagne and Confetti

Dress: $45.90  Purchased from Urban Behavior
This dress was perfect for the New Years event I attended at the Mariott Hotel! It was a fun and flirty ensemble that also happened to be in my favorite colour. I was also surprised by how well it matched my shoes! For weeks I had been searching for a new years dress, but nothing really wowed me. I eventually gave up all hope of finding something at the mall and was about to resort to wearing one of my old dresses when lo and behold, this caught my eye as I was leaving the store. It was the last one in my size too. Yay!

Clutch: $5.99 Purchased from Value Village
This vintage clutch is entirely covered with silver beading. It also has a detachable metal strap you can clip on to convert it into a purse.

Shoes: $69.95  Purchased from Zara
Featured in post: I Heart Pink

Watch: $14.99  Purchased from Value Village
Label: Pulsar
This piece of jewelery is quite small in size, encrusted with jewels around the faceplate and can easily pass as a bracelet. I love this watch, and it looks as new as when I first purchased it. Currently, I am on the hunt for a larger men's/boyfriend watch. Does anyone have any good suggestions as to where to find one? Preferably cheap?

Earrings: $4.99  Purchased from Legends
(a secondhand/vintage store previously located on Main St., now the home of Woo Vintage Clothing)

Admittedly, these earrings are I am unable to wear most earrings that are not at least 14K gold, so clip-ons are a good alternative to purchasing the authentic stuff. Regardless, I love costume jewelery and these earrings were too cute to pass up.

Frugal Finds Total: $71.87

Broke the Bank Find: $69.95 Zara shoes

Look at who I ran into on New Years? Amy from aFabricofSociety! Lets take a look at her outfit of choice that night.

Dress: $35.80  Purchased from Forever 21
Adorable lace detailing on the dress. The gold belt adds a nice touch to the outfit as well!

Shoes: $79.99  Purchased from Aldo
How can you go wrong with rounded, patent nude pumps?

Rings: $6.80, $5.80, $16.00  Purchased from Forever 21

Frugal Finds Total: $144.39