Saturday, April 30, 2011

Business Casual

Dress: $4.99  Purchased from Value Village
Label: Lori Ann Petite Collection
There are many aspects of this dress that I adore. First of all, I love the pockets (obviously)! I also like the matching belt to dress combo, though it might be fun to mix it up once in awhile, and pair this piece with a bold-coloured belt instead. I like the fact that this dress is menswear inspired, dramatized by the faux pocket handkerchief as well as the blazer like collar. And just like my previous dress from the post: Red, White and Polka Dots, this dress had huge shoulder pads that I had to remove. Plus, I took off at least a foot of hemming on the bottom to make the outfit more wearable.

Purse: $7.99  Purchased from Value Village
Although the label of this purse says Salvatore Ferragamo, I question whether or not this holds true! Would an authentic Ferragamo bag really be sold at Value Village? Yes....but not likely. Regardless of its authenticity, I really enjoy the overall look of this piece. I like the simply detailings of the gold and black tassel, as well as the bow-shaped emblem on the front of the bag. The cross-hatching design throughout the purse is quite pretty, and I like the fact that I can fit everything I need into it, without making it a game of jigsaw puzzle, where every item has to be specifically placed in one spot so that it would all fit! I know you know what I mean!

Necklace: $19.99  Purchased from Ardene Accessories
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Shoes: $49.99  Purchased from Hangers (in Park Royal)
Label: Seychelles
I've worn these heels once to my sisters wedding, but haven't had the chance to wear them again till now. For many years now, I have been on a crazed hunt for a pair of pretty, antique gold-coloured heels! Have any of you seen any??? Although these Seychelles have a bit of antique gold on is still not enough to satisfy my need. For now however, they shall tide me over until I find a pair that I absolutely love! Besides...I can't complain. These shoes were half-price when I purchased them on Boxing day, plus they are really comfortable. And at the end of the day, isn't that what is most important?   :)

Earrings: $4.99  Purchased from Legends
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Frugal Finds Total:  $87.95