Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cougar Town

Boots: $39.99  Purchased from Value Village
Okay, I'll be the first to admit that $40 is pretty steep for a pair of shoes purchased from a secondhand store, but when you think about it, this price is considerably cheaper than what you would normally pay at a vintage store. I have been searching for a pair of boots like these for over two winters now, and lo and behold, I finally found them! I love the fact that these boots have a low-heel, making it very "walking friendly" on my feet. Needless to say, they will become a wardrobe staple for the upcoming chilly season!

Dress: $89.99  Purchased from Urban Outfitters
Label: Nom de Plume
This dress is so cute...yet so expensive! I actually left the store, before returning two hours later to purchase it. I like this ensemble because it has deep-set pockets and a funky cougar print...at least I think its cougar? It is a style I can dress-down with flipflops, or dress-up with heels. I better make sure to wear it 90 times to get my moneys worth!

Belt: $2.99  Purchased from Value Village
I like the combination of black and gold in this item. This belt also adds fashion appeal because it is made out of genuine snake skin, providing another layer of texture over the animal-print dress.

Necklace: $12.95  Purchased from Forever 21
This necklace is super cute and cheap. The most fitting part of this piece of jewelry is that it actually functions as a watch, so now I have no more excuses for being late all the time.

Watch: $9.99  Purchased from Value Village
I am often weary about purchasing watches from Value Village. It is like taking a gamble on whether or not the watch will actually function properly. I figure, "Who would get rid of a working watch?", right? Luckily for me though, this vintage Timex watch was alive and ticking when I found it in the store, and it was all the convincing I needed to buy it!

Socks: $1.99 Purchased from Winners

Broke the Bank Buy: $89.99 Dress from Urban Outfitters

Frugal Finds Total:  $67.91


  1. i think the ramblings on ur not-as-cheap-but-real-leather boots has led to a failure to mention where you got ur dress, 'Cougar Town' cutie! lol...

  2. hey diana i found you through esther's blog. anyway, frugal is a good word to use. i call myself cheap and thrifty. yea i go to value village too but i don't find much in terms of clothes - guess it's a hit or miss sometimes.

    and yes, where did you get your dress?