Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Red, White and Polka Dots

Dress: $9.99  Purchased from Value Village
Ever since I saw Mary-Kate Olsen (or was it Ashley?) wearing a white and navy blue polka dot dress in one of their interviews, I've wanted one for myself! So when I saw this dress at Value Village, I kept praying that it would fit. lol! This dress originally came with a longer hem, and huge shoulder pads which I removed to refrain from looking like a football player. I love the gold detailing of the buttons, as well as the pleated skirt. I also like how the longer sleeves counteract the shortness of the skirt.

Hat: Free!
I found this hat in the closet of my boyfriend's mom. And then I decided to keep it for myself....She told me that I can take whatever I want from her house, except for her diamonds... darn it!

Belt: $2.99  Purchased from Value Village
Label: Bianco
This white leather belt is very cute and chic. I usually like to offset the belt with darker coloured outfits to really showcase the piece, and then accessorize with other golden knick knacks of the same hue.

Purse: $19.99  Purchased from Richmond Night Market
I bought this red and gold quilted bag from the Night Market last summer. Shopping at the night market, I figured I would try to exercise my haggling skills with the seller and try to get a cheaper deal on the purse. Although I tried to convince him that I was not willing to pay more than $15 for the item, the seller was firm on his original price! Unfortunately my bargaining "savvy" was no match against his, and I ended up paying full price for the bag. I think I should just stick to shopping at secondhand stores from now on....
Shoes: $59.95  Purchased from Zara
I bought these patent-red shoes from Zara several years ago, and they are the MOST comfortable heels I have ever owned! I love the little bow accents on the side of the shoes. Everytime I wear them, I imagine myself clicking my heels 3 times and saying, "There's no place like home...there's no place like home.." I'm not joking... haha

Watch: $9.99
Purchased from Value Village
Label: Seiko
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Frugal Finds Total: $102.91


  1. Omg ! I love these photos

  2. Awesome post Di, you have such a good eye for these finds. I remember when you purchased those red shoe and boasted about how comfortable they were, haha! And LOL about Paul's mom.

  3. Really liking the dress!
    I'm a huge fan of VV myself. Just wondering, which Value Villages do you usually shop at? I'm trying to see if Vancouver locations have better styles than other areas, like say Burnaby or Surrey (perhaps Vancity donors are more trendy?)

  4. I usually shop at the Value Village in Vancouver, on Hastings and Victoria, since it is the closest location. Though the VV on Victoria and 45th Ave (?) has some good stuff too!