Monday, November 8, 2010

Autumn Leaves, Cardigans Arrive

Cardigan: $5.99  Purchased from Value Village
Label: Cleo
This grandpa-esque sweater was quite a bit larger in size when I first purchased it. But after several washes and tumbles in the clothes dryer, it now fits perfectly. I like it fitted, but also a little bit baggy and long enough to hide my behind. The pearl buttons with gold edging are super cute, and add a nice touch to an otherwise, simple sweater.

Purse: $4.99  Purchased from Value Village
This patent-black, quilted purse is one of my favorite finds from the thrift store. I love the black and gold chain strap, as well as the decorative tassel hanging off the zipper.

Tank Top: $22  Purchased from Aritzia
Label: TNA

Necklace: $19.99  Purchased from Ardene Accessories
I am currently obsessed with all Cameo jewelry. I have been searching for a nice vintage cameo ring for awhile now, but have yet to find anything I've really liked. Not to fret though, Cameo has been making a recent fashion comeback, considering the fact that Ardene even sells it now! The pendant was originally attached to an excessively over-accessorized necklace consisting of pearls, and other "cutesy" decor, so I just took off this cameo locket-pendant and attached it onto my own chain. Now if I can only find some pictures small enough to fit in there...

Shoes: $39.99  Purchased from Banana Republic
These adorable shoes were on sale, and given to me, courtesy of my boyfriend's sister. Thanks Vi!

Tights: $9.50  Purchased from Gap

Frugal Finds Total: $102.46


  1. hey dianna, i know someone who sells jewelry and they have a cameo collection in right now. you can check it out on their facebook:

    it's under their album: Silver Trumpet


  2. Linda used to have a lot of creepy cameo rings and necklaces ... and maybe even a choker. too bad we don't have them anymore!

  3. Awesome! Thanks for the tip!
    Btw Irene, Cameo is not creepy...but chokers are! lol

  4. "These adorable shoes were on sale, and given to me, courtesy of my boyfriend's sister." -- REALLY? I gave them to you? Hmm... thought they were still on loan... dum dee dum. HA!

  5. You gave them to me cause you said you never wore them. Stubes!